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its a waffle house kinda day


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no memes beyond this point
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seriously whorbs these days are pricey as FUCK. DUMB WHORES GO BACK TO 60/80/120



I really miss the yli


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drove my chevy to the levy, but it was dry :(


sometimes you see a gril and just think
>'my, what a fuckable face'


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yup, theres one


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hoes mad - GHOSTbro
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for trying to prevent him from exercising


it's not easy being under 5'11"


at least his kill/death ratio is better than 1:1
you know who else's kill/death ratio was better than 1:1? hitler


Hitler was a baaaaaaaaaaad man tho. futurama told me so


how can he have anything better than a 1:0 ratio if certain events never actually happened?

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i scrolled long enough my finger got tired and idk where it is and threads with gazillion embeds make my potato feel sad on the inside so whatever new music tred
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File: 1655800699439.mp4 (14.5 MB, 400x320, 5:4, Babyman - Iron Man.mp4)


File: 1656040038926.mp3 (2.12 MB, Societies Burden.mp3)


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>draw'n the kak
>zoomd in page
>click shitty arrow
>half kak progress gone
well fuk u too budy


im sorry bud


almost looks like the Chad yommer

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well shit didn't see that coming
past episode or 2 had me thinking it was going to slump into sub-par average trash
ending of this one has excellent setup and use of music score, pulled it off very well
what a nice surpise
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i never was weeb enough to go to conventions tbh
never saw much point in them other than maybe catching alphabet diseases from solid 4 cosplayers


ive never been to one but i do know they sell shit you cant get from regular stores at them also cosplayers are tremendous attention whores so even if it was just a big ass costume party with no real incentive to go beyond the LOOKIT MEEEEEE aspect thered still be a lot of guests
theres prolly also sideshows or some shit


eh, i worked at one back a couple of years ago. it was a small con so it was nice and comfy and i had fun there.


i got so far into it i felt bad not finishing the last couple


fuck any whorbs budy?

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Boston Red Sox (43-33) vs. Chicago Cubs (30-46)
>1:20 PM CT
<BOS -129 CHC +108

Tampa Bay Rays (40-35) vs. Toronto Blue Jays (43-33)
>2:07 PM CT
<TB +122 TOR -142

Miami Marlins (34-40) vs. Washington Nationals (29-49)
>5:05 PM CT
<MIA +114 WSH -134
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is this game legit any good?
ive been meaning to get into gba emulation but don't really know of any good games for it


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stfu fag


File: 1656713862145.mp4 (16.89 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, d91832a1-f64c-46c0-b65d-25….mp4)


I hate nerds so fucking much, /sp/ros…


File: 1656716780536.png (2.26 MB, 1016x1298, 508:649, craiyon_2022-7-1_19-5-52.png)

vary nice



File: 1656606687469.png (7.15 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)



Minnesota Twins (43-35) vs. Cleveland Guardians (38-34)
>12:10 PM CT
<MIN +130 CLE -154

Atlanta Braves (44-32) vs. Philadelphia Phillies (39-37)
>5:05 PM CT
<ATL +105 PHI -125

New York Yankees (56-20) vs. Houston Astros (47-27)
>5:10 PM CT
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thanks for explaining this shit like im duder


drug her
bring her back to your Wifing Cage and mind break her into being your obedient submisive house keeper sex slave


yah Mary looks pretty dumpy these days


should just go oldskool and bust out the ol claymore tbh
aint need no permit for that


a 2h sword, even if wielded poorly, is still more dangerous than an unloaded gun


Mr. Skunk's penis-nose

File: 1656514049501.png (5.35 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)



Milwaukee Brewers (43-33) vs. Tampa Bay Rays (40-33)
>11:10 AM CT
<MIL +113 TB -133

Pittsburgh Pirates (29-45) vs. Washington Nationals (29-48)
>12:05 PM CT
<PIT +130 WSH -154

Oakland Athletics (25-51) vs. New York Yankees (55-20)
>12:05 PM CT
<OAK +250 NYY -303
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sorry ive been so busy guys haven't been able to psot lately
work is crazy racoon right now


ditz is more of a Frieza type IMHO


even nega dotz?


crazy raccoons r BAD


this is very true


funny facts about duder:
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the tow trucker's loyal customer


he lied about having cancer so he could get more money for CR spray


he lied about crashing his friends car


he stole his hospice neighbors catalytic converter then made her pay him to find out who did it




dear xots


stop walking butt ass naked your provoking speemen




anus in my mouth


this tequilla bussin


i sed it once ill say it again this board dies when dotz dies
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um spoopy da five never existed only voices in my head


da five never existed
>x spiles music


i am dotz
i dye my skin purple, wear slutty outfits and maup like some kinda of stupid femboy and goon to hot mulatto guys in saunas.


>dotz is the most organic yim yam on spug

imagine muh shock


dotz is real sweaty

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