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to the fringes gladly, i walk unadorned
with gods and their creations
with filth and disease






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wow… such a progressive society…


you guys always complain about ASMR but per capita they're cranking out white babies
if everyone did ASMR the white genocide would be over


File: 1632684480028-0.webm (2.19 MB, 256x256, 1:1, Saint.webm)

File: 1632684480028-1.jpg (32.89 KB, 640x360, 16:9, white whorb.jpg)

>you may have forgotten me but ill be always watching you




>you guys always complain about ASMR
First ASMR related post I've seen in months


File: 1632685418143.jpeg (186.57 KB, 2071x936, 2071:936, England 2021 all cause mo….jpeg)


File: 1632686733373.jpg (79.82 KB, 589x900, 589:900, The kids are alright.jpg)

>zyklon babies


oh fuck that's a kcbro!




give that PureBred a medal


is this a real article?


shitposting 101: claiming people are whining about something no one was talking about
credit hours: 2
course price: $1500/semester
financial aid available: no


lmao you're more likely to die with a vaccine than not
also wtf englel is vaxing ages 1-16?
talk about fucking retarded, it should be limited to like 40+ only


i'll use my GI bill to cover it


wew no matter how much they try the eternal rulecuck will never stop the bants


sry budy this course is not offered under any gi bill accredited degree


ASMR is a crime against Allah and it must be punished with death.


does posting while taking a shit count as shitposting?


thats called decadenceposting and pays $30k more per year on average
CRedit hours: 4
course price $3fiddy hundred/semester
financial aid information is currently not available for this course
gi bill accredited: only if youre trans


pretty sweet if your wifi reaches all the way out to the street


File: 1632691252410.png (283.98 KB, 896x408, 112:51, ClipboardImage.png)


Damny*nkees doing something right for once.


>1 day ago
so what was the outcome?


see the bolded below

>After rumors about a coming protest that would shut down highways nationwide began circulating on social media platforms like TikTok, Hamilton County prosecutor Joe Deters said anyone found intentionally blocking highways in the county would be arrested.

>The protest, dubbed the "Patriot Shutdown," would involve truck drivers rallying together on a planned stretch of highway to slow and block traffic flows in protest of COVID-19 vaccine mandates by employers.
>"I want to be perfectly clear," Deters wrote in a statement. "Anyone who attempts to shut down the highways in Hamilton County will be removed from their vehicles, charged with felony disrupting public services and they will go to jail. To those who claim to be supportive of law enforcement – law enforcement is not with you. This would pose a serious danger for our first responders and the community at large."
>Deters added that, while he is supportive of the First Amendment right to protest, protesting in this form is "not lawful and it is reckless."

>The Patriot Shutdown protests have varied on planned timing and location, with many alleging they'll take place on Sept. 27.



dup's shadow government is reinstated
gut feeling theres a bit of time left, frogs slow biolin







>when niggers block freeways
<they're just expressing themselves!
>when whitoids block freeways
>domestic terrorists!
like, subscribe, and share form ore content


I just shared your post sportschan.org, it got 60k upvotes


File: 1632693982028.jpg (185.99 KB, 555x311, 555:311, 1623121874797.jpg)

You're serious aren't you? You're telling me you broke those three young bucks on the freeway?



- krauts have voted on who should replace Multikulti Merkel, results to be released later
- iceniggers have voted to be ruled by a whorb-majority
- mountain jews to vote soon on whether to allow desecration of marriage, enshrining sodomy into their laws


who are iceniggers and who are mountain jews?


File: 1632697993740.png (53.9 KB, 1135x451, 1135:451, ClipboardImage.png)

mtn jews vote already in and counted


File: 1632698074076.png (635.27 KB, 1162x920, 581:460, ClipboardImage.png)

you are living about 14 hours in the past friend, cr spray has that side effect


File: 1632698204353.png (96.93 KB, 682x144, 341:72, Firefox_Screenshot_2021-09….png)

64% is an overwhelming majority



>went into store to get food, mom and sister wait in car
>they say a cop with a big nose drove around the parking lot five times while staring at them
>before presumably taking the license plate and driving back to the station down the block
>happened while i was in the store
wtf was that about


bad part of town? did you leave the car running?


so they're gonna vote on it again every year, right?


ok part of town, car was running but mom at the wheel
we had a lot of stuff with us since we were away for a few days and coming back and for one reason or another she believes we're being gangstalked by the flatfoots because they think we're crackheads or something


rip switzerland you survived two world wars basically unscathed compared to the rest of yurup and now are about to be destroyed by homosexuals


prolly lookin for an excuse to hurt you they cant get away with touching niggers at all anymore so its harass yt all the way now


if u were you parked by one of the store's doors then he may have thought they were waitin ready to skeedaddle with you after u dun scurried out that door hands fulla beanie babbies and other treasures what u done stole from them fine people just tryna earn a livin whyd u do it son whyd ya have to kill that chinaman for beanie babbies?


File: 1632709838234-0.webm (1.8 MB, 292x360, 73:90, 1631775439091.webm)

File: 1632709838234-1.png (107.02 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 129812789218907.png)



I just squeezed all the junk out of a back pimple till there was nothing left but blood such a good feeling.


what did you squeeze out of your back pimple


Came across FPSRussia's channel while going through youtube, pretty nostalgic


fpsrussia is mr beast of my childhood


i wish dotz would be my ms beast


File: 1632734454322.mp4 (4.29 MB, 404x720, 101:180, Standing up out of a sunro….mp4)


File: 1632734571137.jpg (116.6 KB, 1170x1150, 117:115, 06bdp9vqevp71.jpg)

which one is mom


who has the one of the chick doin a fuckin striptease out the car window and getting decapitated?




>everywhere you sell and some places you buy want to check the temperature of your forehead or the vaccine passport in your hand
>the powers that be want to completely lock you out of the economy if you don't get the vaccine
>this cunk accidentally says "mark"
<wait is you saying this is like that book


that kady wasnt decapitated bit she was immediately brainded there was a picture of her in a hospital bed with a ventilator and that fuckin vegetable expression on her face lol


your temperature and some gay card you can forge arent marks


checking your forehead and/or hand so you can work prefigures the mark


File: 1632752201184-0.mp4 (1.56 MB, 480x848, 30:53, 58ef780142ce3f20827bb7e499….mp4)

File: 1632752201184-1.jpg (61.99 KB, 793x474, 793:474, 21a0f0992289239a61a7820f05….jpg)

File: 1632752201184-2.jpg (111.25 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, 41fd6c3493d89c3cd1d1f77b91….jpg)

File: 1632752201184-3.jpg (3.76 KB, 122x170, 61:85, index.jpg)


she's so happy in that last one!


Who cares, both make my pp big


i think she's te bigger nipped one


also gonna fap to this right now



dotz come use some of your whorbtokens on this


>get HORNY
>search tit online
>85 billion results
>regain sanity
im not interested in that WHORE anymore


File: 1632756544889.gif (3.11 MB, 330x166, 165:83, gross.gif)

how dismally plebian smdh


idk if you guys are joking but her profile pic is blonde so the mom is obviously the dark haired one


File: 1632757619717.png (174.32 KB, 500x796, 125:199, allah-forgive-me--71808430.png)

>joking on sportschan


File: 1632758547614.jpg (31.88 KB, 604x483, 604:483, d80b050b6c0ba75bc83530d85e….jpg)

it is a serious discussion forum


File: 1632759590537.jpg (62.71 KB, 1200x651, 400:217, 309821093821.jpg)

They keep multiplying how do we get the foid problem under control sportsbros?


There might be something going on between Kosovo and Serbia


The journalism legit fucking sucks nowadays I can't find a satisfactory report on this but basically Serbia has been flexing their troops on the Kosovo - Serbia border


File: 1632762615581.png (641.03 KB, 935x547, 935:547, halal porn.png)

good, make more refugees


File: 1632762796622.png (861.07 KB, 683x775, 683:775, ClipboardImage.png)


we'll see what happens this time around with a burgernigger army thats not even a fraction as competent to step in and stop the serbs


those balkaniggers are going to cause another world war because of their autism. they're all fucking turks anyways.


do they have bucket systems or whatever they're called? how many F-35 will get shot down?


[accordion intensifies]


>why is he there with the serbian minister of defense?
cuz gud pranks take time budy
there be prankin afoot


thats assuming the f35s can even get off the ground lel



don't lel





what did i just fuckin say


cant tell me what to do lil nigger




true journalism lives on in spartschen:
>kosovo rightful serbian clay
>albanian muslims breed like rabbits, become majority ethnic group
>serbs have historical affinity with eastern slavs, like russia, so suppressing serbs is seen as a geopolitical win for the west
>so when serbs try to prevent muslim irredentism, US/UK/etc seize the opportunity and accuse milosevic of muh lolocust and with russia still reeling from the capitalist "shock therapy", bombing serbs to hell was a piece of cake
>now kosovo is globohomo protectorate
>but serbia doesnt recognize their independence yet
>neither do many other countries, including russia
>also, within "kosovo" there are 2 semi-automous regions with a serb majority that mostly depends on serbian trade and support
>now kosovo gov banned ground traffic with serbian loicenses
>kovoso says they are just mirroring an existing serbian regulation
>serbs see this as an aggression, a move to cut off those regions from serbia, and generally restrict the movement of serbs in kosovo
>both sides move military to the border


very cool, Serbia! can't wait for more Muslim refugees!


whoa maybe if you were more like serbia and killed muslims theyd fuck off somewhere else


well, albania is right there, so there wouldn't be any need for more rapefugees




albania doesn't want the retarded kosovar


sorry i meant alibaba


File: 1632794331608.png (211.42 KB, 1080x670, 108:67, Screenshot_20210927-205749….png)

You're right. I think kcbros need some more



press x for doubt
end game was always to absorb kosovo into albania and their new PM admitted he was all for it


File: 1632811145070.mp4 (12.84 MB, 404x720, 101:180, No backpacks allowed after….mp4)




okey i dont care im not doing any of this shit anyway


My Auntie died of Cancer but, I'm not gonna fucking do lukemia. Fuck you kike Not taking the vaccine.



File: 1632830883629.webm (821.24 KB, 848x478, 424:239, 4_5951980603808156122.webm)

day drinking is my gimmick fuck off


the kids are alright


Asked why she was in the area, Souverneva said she'd been hiking, attempting to get to Canada, according to the report. Along the way, she said she became thirsty and found a puddle of water containing what she believed to be bear urine, according to the report.

Souverneva said she unsuccessfully tried to filter the water with a tea bag, according to the narrative. Then she attempted to make a fire to boil the water, but found it was "too wet for the fire to start," the report said.

According to the report, "she said she drank the water anyway and then continued walking uphill from the creek bed," where she saw smoke and airplanes "dropping pink stuff." After that, Souverneva got stuck in the brush and ultimately contacted fire department personnel to assist her, said the report.


i just copied that from somewhere else i thought it was funny


Japan just canceled the coof


didnt they b& the moderna vax too?
based animeniggers


if i ever go full informational derrorist imma be volfuckingtaire


>muh leaky vax
see this is what ive been thinkin about, but im no dogtor, so wasnt sure
its all 3deusex5me
in-game the grey death was intentionally CAUSED by them continually shipping a leaky vax to all civvies, while hoarding ambrosia for themselves
end-result is that the plague ended up becoming MORE lethal, rather than what youd expect decreasing lethality from a continually mutating virus

and whaddya know? thats exactly whats happening irl now. the whole year without vax, it was continually getting less and less lethal. then as soon as the vax is rolled out en masse, suddenly it gets more deadly mutations? while the vax has a piss-poor efficacy of ~50%?
big think

i knew bill gates wasnt trying to install windows 11 on us
he just played too much deus ex


fuckin shit, was deus ex predictive programming? think about it logically: we've checked off
>twin towers gone
>huge focus on muh terrorism
>living in shitty low-life cyberpunk dystopia
>fighting a meme war (though probably not as philosophically thought out as chad's "war of meanings")
>massive plague with the antidote being controlled
>and of course, bob page/bill gates behind it all


all i know is it was a p fun game


predictive programming is horseshit half the shit people come up with has already been thought of by someone else it was just never implemented
when it does get implemented thats just someone taking the initiative on shit a bunch of other people already thought of but were too balless to actually take any action on while schizos look back with 20/20 hindsight and say it was all planned shits not that organized even at the top level and everyone's got their own separate agendas including mega rich elite cunts like gates but obviously theres going to be interactions with other shit going on on this stupid fuckin planet nothing happens in a vacuum


File: 1632849970416.mp4 (7.73 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, xxxss.mp4)


File: 1632850903301.mp4 (4.47 MB, 640x360, 16:9, you can have this soy food.mp4)

All I know is Deus Ex memes are on a whole other level.


vtm:b is the better first person rpg


I want to savage her fart hole. Need to make sure sheem aint making any methane emissions.


audaciously honest and true post


Something about her autismo face really makes me want to rail her b-hole.


do it for >us


File: 1632856755446.mp4 (964.33 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, Pelosi Keep government ope….mp4)



vtmb is fun as fuck. malkavian grill best grill.



i mean i dont want the vax either
im just worried about driver/compatibility issues tbh :/



File: 1632862281363.mp4 (9.29 MB, 368x640, 23:40, 4_5951872018444978815.mp4)

High court judge served with liability notice today for allowing children to be injected with the experimental covid vaccine, judge runs away.


File: 1632863501742.jpg (12.66 KB, 432x243, 16:9, w8z9o7.jpg)


>she drank the water
she drank the BEAR PISS
>"Leaky Vaccines Enhance Spread of Deadlier Chicken Viruses"
>The Marek's vaccine is "imperfect" or "leaky." That is, it protects chickens from developing disease, but doesn't stop them from becoming infected or from spreading the virus. Inadvertently, this made it easier for the most virulent strains to survive. Such strains would normally kill their hosts so quickly that they'd die out. But in an immunised flock, they can persist because their lethal nature has been neutered.


nice run-on sentence fam




dem tits


thanks i hope you read it liked and subscribed and also realized how retarded predictive programming as a concept actually is


I need onlyfans of this whorb



are these the bastards claiming they can vax children without parental consent?


something awful using soyboy shoots proud goy in the foot


bidens dementia is infecting others


lmao half her speech is 'blah blah blah' and retards are clapping


that face man


File: 1632895714279.png (727.93 KB, 828x786, 138:131, ClipboardImage.png)


What are the stats on that sword?


File: 1632896357008.jpg (4.11 MB, 2912x4368, 2:3, sub-buzz-886-1631755893-1.jpg)

>crafted from a colt AR-15A3


File: 1632899517818.jpg (146.35 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (8).jpg)


File: 1632905617727.mp4 (20.89 MB, 720x900, 4:5, cops n thotters.mp4)


unironically based black man escalating the situation in the name of kino & nectar


based digits
reapable autist
cretin clappers





vaxx today and dicks tomorrow


File: 1632943955764.png (839.77 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1632840362671.png)

so that colonel dude who posted a video complaining about lack of accountability after the botched afghan withdrawal is now detained in a brig awaiting trial


>God did answer our prayers. He made the smartest men and women, the scientists, the medics, the researchers - he made them come up with a vaccine. That is from God to us and we must say, thank you, God. Thank you. And I wear my 'vaccinated' necklace all the time to say I'm vaccinated.
>All of you, yes, I know you're vaccinated, you're the smart ones, but you know there's people out there who aren't listening to God and what God wants. You know who they are.
>– New york governor Kathy Hochul
Vax for the Vax God
oh btw hochul's daughter-in-law is a lobbyist for the pharmaceutical firm Biogen


post a source faggot ffs


that was everywhere yesterday or earlier
nobody cares this guy is a trans-boomer he might as well have commited sudoku in protest


a tranny boomer?


no he was born in the wrong age


so what exactly did he do?


he cried about how biden abandoned our allies to the taliban
you're not allowed to cry in the marines so he's getting court-martialed


ed hochuli should sue her for wrecking the name


He's a retard for not understanding the nature of ZOGbottery, but at least he's getting close to the right track. Maybe one day he'll learn that he and his men are meant to be sacrificial lambs for the military industrial complex.


the us is tryna bring back the draft so they might realize it


i saw john cena crying in hte grocery store the other day


shoilda thrown a cannaorange at him voila lacrimimosa


niggers and pigs both get the rope


File: 1632952724763-0.mp4 (1.31 MB, 640x360, 16:9, byfxdYkvy_V_J64L.mp4)

File: 1632952724763-1.jpg (366.79 KB, 1142x1113, 1142:1113, jew poo alliance.jpg)

luv me sum jew gob
t. kamala


File: 1632956124713.png (365.29 KB, 634x423, 634:423, ba85e27297b5f87602beccc0c8….png)

Great leader lost weight


File: 1632956754597.jpeg (667.91 KB, 2160x2184, 90:91, disdain-for-cattle.jpeg)

>I wear my 'vaccinated' necklace all the time
what in the fuck


damn david hogg lookin pretty passable


now he looks like a dry cleaner


woa this is literaly me when i lose 2 pounds


they never got rid of the draft it just hasnt been used since vietnam but the gubmint never outlawed it
its p funny theyre trying to make whorbs eligible for it tho


7 Reasons why the girlboss draft is REAL freedom:


if they introduce draft i'm renouncing citizenship
i ain't defending this shitheap


jokes on you
in dystopic shitholes like this you're not allowed to denounce your citizenship without permission 🙄
oh and payment


File: 1632976343598.png (404.39 KB, 1242x1048, 621:524, ClipboardImage.png)


Must be the KC variant.


File: 1632978050298.jpg (129.98 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, MV5BYzlhNjg1ZDgtNzNmNi00Mz….jpg)

Wew Charlie made a vid on Nikocado, 6 hours ago 1,8 m views. I didn't know he was this popular


you're such a faggot


The vid is not worth watching, it's just Charlie saying the obvious for ten minutes

I was surprised by that views. I thought Nik was a guy people used for shitpost, didn't know he was that popular


charlie blew up in 2019/2020
I think because of collabs he did with bigger jewtubers


im gonna sabotage shit from the inside tbh its super easy to "accidentally" break expensive shit in the military


hes talkin about the fat ukranian
also charlie was getting millions of views years ago ge knows how to appeal to the mega gay zoomer audience


>"i dont want vax because idk about the long term effects" - 50% of antivax pop
>implying they know anything about long term rona effects
>37% of people that get the "just a flu" get their pancreas all fucked up long term


source: my totally unbiased windmill news channels


"you dont know the long term effects of this new illness so inject this thing that you also dont know the long term effects of just ignore the short term effects like lung clots and abnormal heart rhythm oh also it doesn't actually stop you from getting the new illness"
i really like this logic



also doctor tony just said it's gonna be boosters soon
if you aren't boosted you aren't fully vaxxed


chinkypox has jewish origins? neat


COVID may cause 'restless anal syndrome'
A patient in Japan seems to have developed the condition due to COVID-19
>several weeks after discharge, began to experience restless, deep anal discomfort
>urge to move which worsened with rest and improved with exercise and worsened in the evening
>a variant of restless leg syndrome (RLS), which has also been linked to a small number of COVID-19 cases
there's a porno to be written here


imagine a cute yellow with restless anal syndrome haha imagine her spraying her kawaii caca all over hahahahaha wouldn't that be funny and totally hot


actually it means she'd have an insatiable need to get her backhole PLOWED


❗️NBA announces it will withhold the pay of unvaccinated players

“Any player who elects not to comply with local vaccination mandates will not be paid for games that he misses,” NBA spokesman Mike Bass said.

The season is due to start mid-October.


File: 1633008367689.mp4 (1.01 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Austin Awkward.mp4)



"this stuff seems to mostly help you avoid getting infected with this half assed chinky bioweapon, but we're not really sure. it does usually attack the virus, we're never going to be grown up enough to just close up shop for a couple of weeks worldwide, we're going to have to just hope this stuff kinda works so we can open shit up and not go quadruple bankrupt because we never gave a fuck about your health and can't handle if a lot of people get sick at the same time". that's the admittedly weak argument i got behind. also, if it were so sketchy why were the israelis hoarding it from the get go?


>❗️NBA announces it will withhold the pay of unvaccinated players
ok so none of em are getting paid?
blax aint down wit da vax


File: 1633013357576.jpg (8.67 KB, 480x360, 4:3, how-dare-you.jpg)

just for games missed due to illness
don't forget these today threads are filled with sensationalist shit but it's based to follow this stuff because based feds i mean alt-right youtubers and twitters meme about it although we act like >we're too cool to be one of those alt right fags haha and when 1 billion poeople don't die from the vaccine or become sterile we'll still pretend like >we weren't conned by a bunch of feds and opportunist profiteers and we'll still think infowars is heckin based NO NOT MUH ALEX MEMES NOT MAH CHONKIN HECKIN BASED TRUTHWARRIOR FUCK U TPASTE


i sense a minty fresh presence behind this post


wow now I rally want the jab now!


File: 1633015211496.mp4 (1.14 MB, 640x360, 16:9, AlexJonesBigBlackBooties.mp4)

you sound like there is one angry penis pill salesman living rent free in your head


the flu shot works on the coof
probably better than the coof shot in the long run
also the flu shot doesn't turn your blood to mud as far as we know


here we go tpaste writin theses again


youre cryin about shit pretty much no one here says though and no ones gonna change their mind about the vaccine because you wanna do this condescending passive aggressive shit like calm down you uppity windmill raper


i don't have time to become a virologist and i lik to travel. know some ppl that know their medicines who told me nothing noticeably nefarious is in the vax they'd seen and i trust them over alex jones. i'm not sure of anything, but i'm pretty sure i'll die of cancer before bill gates can kill me.


if >we're going to go the faggot anecdote route i also know doctors and nurses and most of them refuse to get the shot
did your heels get less dug in? should i say some shit about antifa or whatever will that make you go "o no i don wanna b lik dem" and refuse the shot?


alex is the greatest actor of our time


bill hicks is really good at his role. shame the real alex was murdered by the glowniggers tho.


Don't mean to be a dick, but what does a doctor or a nurse know about virology?


File: 1633028976732.png (8.77 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)

Remember kids an ivermectin a day keeps the tpaste at bay !


Nothing! They know nothing!


File: 1633032953223.jpg (339.02 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 3627397766_879c1a63fc_b.jpg)

I have a sudden urge to post greek pottery


He was only getting like 100k to 200k a video in 2017-2018


Dump tiem:

>Pair of Columbus Drug Cops Arrested For Selling Drugs


>Fauci announces only those with 3 shots will be considered vaccinated.


>German 96-year-old Nazi war crimes suspect flees ahead of trial


>Pfizer Launches Final Study For COVID Drug That's Suspiciously Similar To 'Horse Paste'



nothing whatsoever lol ges stupid for not trusting the science and paying attention to people he knows


wtf i love horse dewormer now
t. paste


File: 1633039558353.mp4 (294.83 KB, 476x474, 238:237, 21892d8b57fbe797455e4b94ee….mp4)

what a terrible post


File: 1633093688022.jpg (18.73 KB, 620x372, 5:3, 5616.jpg)

Premier of Sydney resigns ahead of investigation
>Gladys Berejiklian has resigned as the New South Wales premier and will leave parliament after the state’s anti-corruption watchdog revealed it was investigating whether she broke the law
ripadee doo dah


she one of the fickers trying to put the boot to straya's collective neck?



File: 1633097044913.mp4 (3.27 MB, 480x480, 1:1, why do you wanna fuck joe ….mp4)


File: 1633097077691.mp4 (6.15 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Stop_what_you_are_doing_an….mp4)


have you seen that nose dude


fukken lol. this is what people actually believe.
whats with the armenoid nose anyways? are they honorary kikes or is it all just a natural physical consequence of living in the desert?


boomers really like "fuck joe biden"
its like catnip for them like zoomers and tik tok BBC splitscreens

i really wish covid actually was a bubonic plague level threat
we could like 60-70% of the Earths population and would be better off for it


>mcq tpaste will never offer to give me a dutch rudder


yah i know what she is but i thought it was that bespectacled cuck that was trying to threaten everyone into getting jabbed that was the main force behind it
i dont know shit about straya politics


File: 1633106003410.mp4 (1.17 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 4_5960542152961297159.mp4)


File: 1633106049356.mp4 (6.15 MB, 464x848, 29:53, IMG_0478.MP4)


File: 1633106107718.mp4 (3.62 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Cheeto Hitler.mp4)

Remember when they tried to make it sound like dup was the next hitler in 2016 lol


File: 1633107799290.jpeg (38.86 KB, 650x488, 325:244, 1571535303051.jpeg)

>uses the name craig
>username is friedman


>Alex Jones loses Sandy Hook cases


top lel

it's a toothpasty day


that boy boutta be FUCKED
he better start selling a whole lot more Alpha Force and Super Brain Gx or that boy aint finna had no funds


he still gets big donor boners from miga whales tho


yeah but i think those sandy cases were like 100M+
no way he has that kind of cash on hand


Seriously? A 100 million dollars for what? Challenging the narrative? Fucking bullshit


oy vey goy, don't challenge our narrative! guns r bad, mkay?


it's a default judgement it'll probably get set aside



does germany even have any straight men in it


probably all the first wave Muslim men


lel how tf are they gonna verify that shit start issuing people fag cards? "heres your homo passport freund, have fun mit your arsche fiche jaaaaaa"


can i park there if i identify as a lesbian?


finna park there and tell them i'm deep in the closet


you don't remember the zoomers chanting it at the sparts gayems?


zoomers dont into sparts


but i lik basbal


it wuz teh college gayems


>Two Iranian Kurds hit by the bullets were taken to hospital, one with a fractured leg and the other with a broken hand. Those carrying the boat claim that the group of gun-toting police laughed at them as their injured comrades fell to the ground.
frogs outwith ile de france gettin rabid
doesn't look good for the darkies


>frogs outwith ile de france gettin rabid
explain further


sandies were bringing a boat down to the shore in dunkirk so the popo shot them with rubber bullets
then laughed at them apparently


French police open fire on migrants' dinghy on Dunkirk beach with potentially lethal rubber bullets to stop their illegal boat crossing the Channel to the UK


>potentially lethal rubber bullets
why not use real bullets?
i thought the whole point of rubber bullets was to be non-lethal


File: 1633188503126.jpg (150.96 KB, 870x1200, 29:40, media/FAs28cDUUAUrfVn.jpg)

go gurl


>the point of rubber bullets is to be non-lethal
true, but they're not. ask the catholics in northern ireland.


>head of the Australian state of Victoria decrees mandatory vaccination for people working outside their homes


That's fucking insane
lol no way that's real


australia = antichrist


File: 1633232569315.jpg (206.75 KB, 1080x780, 18:13, monkey d'or.jpg)

>A court in Birmingham has issued an 8-weeks prison sentence to Briton Simon Silwood (50) for an internet message in which he joked that [nigger] Romaine Sawyers of West Bromwich Albion should win the "Baboon d'Or" trophy after a poor performance in which the team suffered a 5-0 rout earlier this year.
<dealing out prison sentences for (quite good) internet banter ← brits are here
but that's not enough:
>Silwood was also handed a cumulative £1,000 bill in concept of legal fees and compensation for the millionaire footballer
>a representative of the Crime Prosecution Service has announced that an appeal will be made with the goal of increasing Silwood's jail time


imagine getting paid millions to kick a ball around and getting this upset over internet shitflinging
or upset at all


When you lose a lawsuits, you pay the oppositions legal fees. Do you even law? Also, it's kind of cute that you still get buttflustered about this. Free speech always came with a huge flexible asterisk. Thank whoever filmed the George Floyd thing for adding black people to the list that up until this point only had Jews and royalty on it. Even hidden away on the far reaches of the internet, I haven't said anything that could be perceived as racist for like five years to make sure I'm not that guy. Pls be careful not to give glowies leverage or piss off any sensitive jewish or black people.


>post a story
>tpaste rolls in screeching Y U MAD


File: 1633277392676.jpg (117.41 KB, 400x1800, 2:9, lel.jpg)


>Free speech always came with a huge flexible asterisk.
your speech is either free, or its not. go fuck urself duble think FAG


This is the gayest post I've ever seen


File: 1633295870419.mp4 (6.25 MB, 720x1146, 120:191, 1_5103137449408725517.mp4)


basically child abuse
was discussing this with my friend the other day
that part of the propaganda effort involves sowing fearing into the hearts of young children
my gf's cousin is about 10. fucker is TERRIFIED of dying from the VIRUS because they're indoctrinating them at school every day about how its the deadliest plague ever


good thing homeschooling is on the rise


File: 1633297892062.webm (2.85 MB, 960x720, 4:3, (((Who))) can it be now.webm)

>that voice



Thousands have died from Covid as a result of being denied life-saving early treatment. The Declaration is a battle cry from physicians who are daily fighting for the right to treat their patients, and the right of patients to receive those treatments – without fear of interference, retribution or censorship by government, pharmacies, pharmaceutical corporations, and big tech. We demand that these groups step aside and honor the sanctity and integrity of the patient-physician relationship, the fundamental maxim “First Do No Harm”, and the freedom of patients and physicians to make informed medical decisions. Lives depend on it.

We the physicians of the world, united and loyal to the Hippocratic Oath, recognizing the profession of medicine as we know it is at a crossroad, are compelled to declare the following;

WHEREAS, it is our utmost responsibility and duty to uphold and restore the dignity, integrity, art and science of medicine;

WHEREAS, there is an unprecedented assault on our ability to care for our patients;

WHEREAS, public policy makers have chosen to force a “one size fits all” treatment strategy, resulting in needless illness and death, rather than upholding fundamental concepts of the individualized, personalized approach to patient care which is proven to be safe and more effective;

WHEREAS, physicians and other health care providers working on the front lines, utilizing their knowledge of epidemiology, pathophysiology and pharmacology, are often first to identify new, potentially life saving treatments;

WHEREAS, physicians are increasingly being discouraged from engaging in open professional discourse and the exchange of ideas about new and emerging diseases, not only endangering the essence of the medical profession, but more importantly, more tragically, the lives of our patients;

WHEREAS, thousands of physicians are being prevented from providing treatment to their patients, as a result of barriers put up by pharmacies, hospitals, and public health agencies, rendering the vast majority of healthcare providers helpless to protect their patients in the face of disease. Physicians are now advising their patients to simply go home (allowing the virus to replicate) and return when their disease worsens, resulting in hundreds of thousands of unnecessary patient deaths, due to failure-to-treat;

WHEREAS, this is not medicine. This is not care. These policies may actually constitute crimes against humanity.


RESOLVED, that the physician-patient relationship must be restored. The very heart of medicine is this relationship, which allows physicians to best understand their patients and their illnesses, to formulate treatments that give the best chance for success, while the patient is an active participant in their care.

RESOLVED, that the political intrusion into the practice of medicine and the physician/patient relationship must end. Physicians, and all health care providers, must be free to practice the art and science of medicine without fear of retribution, censorship, slander, or disciplinary action, including possible loss of licensure and hospital privileges, loss of insurance contracts and interference from government entities and organizations – which further prevent us from caring for patients in need. More than ever, the right and ability to exchange objective scientific findings, which further our understanding of disease, must be protected.

RESOLVED, that physicians must defend their right to prescribe treatment, observing the tenet FIRST, DO NO HARM. Physicians shall not be restricted from prescribing safe and effective treatments. These restrictions continue to cause unnecessary sickness and death. The rights of patients, after being fully informed about the risks and benefits of each option, must be restored to receive those treatments.

RESOLVED, that we invite physicians of the world and all health care providers to join us in this noble cause as we endeavor to restore trust, integrity and professionalism to the practice of medicine.

RESOLVED, that we invite the scientists of the world, who are skilled in biomedical research and uphold the highest ethical and moral standards, to insist on their ability to conduct and publish objective, empirical research without fear of reprisal upon their careers, reputations and livelihoods.

RESOLVED, that we invite patients, who believe in the importance of the physician-patient relationship and the ability to be active participants in their care, to demand access to science-based medical care.


I agree, free speech is an absolute. But speech has never been and will never be free. Free speech and laws against "hate speech" are mutually exclusive. Banned books and free speech are mutually exclusive. You can't use your speech to threaten somebody, plan something illegal or create even a mild disturbance with your speech without running the risk of getting arrested, so how the fuck can you call it free?


just trying to keep you ungrateful fucks out of future trouble. you're welcome.


all he did was post a news story and you blew a gasket wtf


you also can't share state secrets and stuff like that



‘Pandora papers’: New leaks reveal how world leaders use offshore companies to dodge millions of dollars in taxes

Obtained from 14 offshore banking institutions and analyzed by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), the ‘Pandora Papers’ reveal the financial chicanery of more than 100 billionaires, 35 current and former world leaders, and 300 public officials. The first round of information, handed to a select list of international outlets and studied by “600 journalists,” was published on Sunday.


Didn't blow a gasket and budy commented on the article. just want you guys to not get in trouble for saying mean things on the internet about black people, because they prolly are going to be coming for you if you do in the very near future.


good fuck them
the hill i'll die on is well before that anyway
as commitement to my ideals


pointing out where brits are at is just stating facts


The pandora papers are stale as shit, why is rt presenting them as something new that just came out?

That's your choice and I respect that.


niggers and pigs can suck my cock, and i'll keep calling a nigger a nigger


a statement of facts in between an article counts as commentary as far as i know, but i could be wrong. does it require opinion to count as commentary? >tfw second language

the fact that this is newsworthy to people just surprised me and made me react.
>murricans get worked up about something
>yuros legislate it
>murricans hard copy the legislation and stick it in some omnibus bill nobody will ever read

is usually how the cycle goes, so i was hoping to give some budys the heads up before they're ""lone wolves with dangerous ideology"" or ""part of an informal right wing terrorist organization"", that's all.

i can see that a clear majority hates my guts by now though, so i'll be leaving for real this time. i never meant to outstay my welcome.

mods should have my cell and home ip's, never bothered with proxies after the 8chan top boards and GETball, maybe block those so slovborg can't falseflag as me anymore. k thx.

gl budys.




wat? why are you being so dramatic?


>i can see that a clear majority hates my guts
bruh just fire back at anybody who's bein a cunt btw i get "accused" of being you 50% of the times i post in these today threads cuz i don't believe some of >their sorcha faal tier bullshit


oh ffs dont be such a fuckin baby
if you didn't act so high and mighty and type so dam much people wouldn't even know its u


>it's another episode of "tpaste ragequits /sp/ after he's shown to have ==objectively wrong== opinions"
k budy
see you next week


I just wanna take this time to say fuck niggers



>The pandora papers are stale as shit
you may be confused, the previous "PP" were "Panama Papers" and "Paradise Papers"
they may have the same source but this is a new publication


I want new glowniggers leaks


calm down dummy youre taking this far too seriously take a break from the internet and go do some shit outside for a couple weeks


>sorcha faal
2016 is that you?


yes is that u 2015? donal dup is going to get elected then btfo when he runs again and then a dutch guy is gonna get mad about someone pointing out how fuckin dumb the uk is


anyway sorcha faal is a meme


Woah wait a sec you mean the beloved toothbro is gonna become GHOST's replacement?


i dont even know who that is and had to look him up was that supposed to be an epic own or something i still have no idea what youre on about



but what are you referring to this whole exchange started because someone got butthurt at a news post what is "sacha faal" about that? what does it mean tell me your secrets


ok i'll tell you the secret to my delicious rib recipe
i HATE niggers


>reminder that 'Panama papers' and such were published by a group funded by Soros and unlike Wikileaks they did not release the original material, only sharing stories with approved MSM whorenalists
>reminder that Manning is a mentally-ill faggot and yet he was right in revealing war crimes
>reminder that Assange remains locked away in a maximum-security prison for publishing nothing but truth, while the USG seeks to extradite him (which they lied and denied doing in the past) and try him for espionage (but not the MSM which published in partnership with Wikileaks, profited from it, and then turned on them)
>reminder that Dup betrayed him, like he betrayed the 1/6 capitol tourists (still imprisoned)
>reminder that the Icelander witness against Wikileaks and Assange is a convicted pedophile and fraudster that admitted to providing false testimony in exchange of promises by the FBI
>reminder that glowniggers literally planned to kidnap or kill him: https://archive.vn/yDB0y
unfortunately, I would not be holding my breath for new Wikileaks-style raw leaks now that independent non-MSM publishers can be labelled 'non-state™ hostile™ intelligence™ agencies™' and locked away on bullshit charges if not kidnapped or killed


hey now im worried about u budy dont post that stuff okey the gay pottery police will git u


i hate the antichrist


he's nice once you get to know him


File: 1633348041967.jpg (84.21 KB, 971x1342, 971:1342, NINTCHDBPICT000463481388.jpg)

casual reminder to eat healthy and exercise


don't tell me that's spede pasanen



sportscheng claims responsibility for the death of the blasphemous swedish cartoonist


thinking about aussy wizard makes me rally sad


jackie boy has alzheimers hes basically a geriatric toddler now or was i bet hes ded im not gonna look it up tho


File: 1633363291020.png (714.68 KB, 946x939, 946:939, doing cats.png)


shiiieeeeet, me and my homeboys boutta get high off that cordierite frfr


File: 1633365339503.png (90.22 KB, 519x736, 519:736, 8iRZMXU.png)

good job dudder


>Because of missing DNS records for Facebook.com, every device with FB app is now DDoSing recursive DNS resolvers.
ruh roh


very good


aw shit we just crashed



explain me what this means


JUST IN - Data of over 1.5 billion Facebook users is being sold on a popular hacking-related forum. Data contains users’ names, emails, phone numbers, locations, gender, and user ID


sportschan is that popular hacking-related forum

I have a 1TB .rar of xots history
bidding starts at 100 CR coin



Facebook employees reportedly can't enter buildings to evaluate the Internet outage because their door access badges weren’t working (NYT)


wes dropped routing tables


fuckin' wes. he should've picked em back up



wonder how many boomers have already suicided without their facebook


imagine not being able to poke your friends


File: 1633378569522.png (431.74 KB, 1020x770, 102:77, 1633378403645.png)

is this possibly true


deleting routing table entries doesn't make it gone
faceberg is beyond incompetent to let this happen tho


File: 1633379952234.mp4 (3.57 MB, 640x360, 16:9, FreeTed.mp4)

if only, this would be a very based and ted pilled outcome


File: 1633380734599-0.jpg (38.46 KB, 793x526, 793:526, IMG_20211004_165013_289.jpg)

File: 1633380734599-1.jpg (89.9 KB, 1051x848, 1051:848, IMG_20211004_165102_801.jpg)


File: 1633380917633.png (30.84 KB, 200x179, 200:179, gondolas laughing.png)

>mfw facebook finally kicked the bucket
100% absolute wew


this kind of shit is why you dont drink your own koolaid and instead hire competent people while only ever paying lip service to screechy internet retards
this was a fuck up only diversity hires could manage to do


hopefully these eastern orthodox hackers have complete access to their entire infrastructure and all backups are wiped too


❗️"It's MAYHEM over here!" Facebook STILL in chaos, 5 hours and counting…

▪️AP's Philip Crowther has reported via a source at Facebook that the Big Tech giant employees are resorting to text and Outlook email, claiming: "It's mayhem over here, all internal systems are down too."

▪️NYT are reporting that the platform has dispatched a small team to one of its California data centers to try and MANUALLY reset its servers.

▪️WhatsApp internal services also down, NBC report, with only calendars and email available.

▪️Facebook CTO Mike Shroepfer offered a grovelling apology for the issues:

"*Sincere* apologies to everyone impacted by outages of Facebook powered services right now. We are experiencing networking issues and teams are working as fast as possible to debug and restore as fast as possible."


we did it, /sp/ros


The GET Academy?


wow way to kill faceberg 10 years after it meant anything, NIGGERS


thx g-d I got Eli's onlyfans before Instagram fell


better late than never ever


File: 1633386500564.jpg (60.96 KB, 210x290, 21:29, endoftheworld2.jpg)

this article is so fucking annoying
what are they actually snorting, like fuckin palladium and rust doesn't make you high?


isn't faceberg's webapp coded in php(dudcode)?




africans have been known to snort gunpowder too theyre way beyond traditional chinese medicine lunatics in regards to putting random shit into their bodies because some shaman told them it would make them invincible


>born too late to stop GHOST from being born
>born too early to make babbies with my own Wadina
>born just in tiem to see /sp/ outlive facebook



facebook is back
you fuckers let it survive
should have killed it when you had the chance


i allowed it to live. i was merely measuring my abilities.


can u mesur my penes budy?




anime and nostalgia r sports


DAS RITE wyte boi we get FUKCIN INVISIBLE wit dis shit nyugguh


File: 1633412054319.jpg (102.24 KB, 910x910, 1:1, 1577901698930.jpg)


When all that social media shit was down yesterday I couldn't access this website either, gave me the same errors about dns probe and whatever. Only website that worked for me was youtube from the ones I tried, no idea why that would be the case


dudder spread a nasty varus around


The word is out about a worldwide corporate takeover of the food supply — and people reject it:

Street and online people’s protests against the “global corporate food empire” greeted the opening of the UN Food Systems Summit (UN FSS), as the Global People’s Summit (GPS) on Food Systems launched a Global Day of Action on the third and final day of its counter-summit to the UN FSS happening virtually and in New York.

The International League of People’s Struggles (ILPS), International Women’s Alliance and International Migrants Alliance protested in front of the UN headquarters in New York to denounce the corporate capture of the UN and the “global corporate food empire” led by agrochemical, food and agribusiness transnational corporations and multi-billionaire Bill Gates.

The UN FSS is being criticized by people’s movements and civil society as a platform for consolidating corporate control over food and agriculture and perpetuating neoliberal food systems that have wreaked havoc on the lives of small food producers, especially from the Global South, who supply 80% of the world’s food.

“We are here to bring the demands of peoples from the Global South for just, equitable, healthy and sustainable food systems to the doorstep of the world’s policymakers. For over a year, the UN has ignored the people’s calls to sever its ties with the World Economic Forum.

“Instead, it has worked ever closer with the global elite and has co-opted policy frameworks to serve corporate interests. We are here to say, enough! The people will resist this path to greater destruction of our livelihoods, health, cultures and the planet,” said Nina Macapinlac, ILPS North America coordinator.



Even those running the UN Food Systems Summit have become critical of the fact that it is merely a disguise for a corporate takeover. We must be encouraged that they have, if you will pardon the expression, bit off more than they can chew here:
Michael Fakhri, the United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, who acted as an independent official advisor to the summit’s process, also came away critical of the multi-stakeholder structure of the summit.

“No one has talked about why we’re in the mess we’re in today, and no one talked about who should be held accountable for the mess,” Fakhri told Civil Eats, after observing the day’s speeches. “All they [said] was, ‘everyone needs to be part of the solution.’” Yet casting such a wide, undiscerning net, Fakhri says, results in the “same people that cause the problem being invited to be part of the solution.”

On multiple occasions, Fakhri says that he pressed members of the summit’s leadership to consider the role of major corporations in shaping food systems, but was often met with pushback.



File: 1633420569488.mp4 (450.48 KB, 360x360, 1:1, 1_5105188360717074861.mp4)


File: 1633421215426.mp4 (10.21 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 4_5969584072731659434.mp4)


File: 1633421242843-0.jpg (175.67 KB, 1059x1149, 353:383, Timmy.jpg)

File: 1633421242843-1.jpg (31.67 KB, 408x629, 24:37, Timmy killed this nigger.jpg)


doesnt oregon have p lax gun laws?
tf u think timmy gon do?


>be chav
>walkin home after long night of clubbin
>presumably crashing on MDMA
<oi m8 wot these orange cunts sittin in da fookin road for?
<fook m8 idk lets bash em up innit?
<fook me m8 id rather be watchin footy wit me m8s
based chavic bolis force


kill ur ass


gud job ian, next time emmett till that nigger




africans have been known to steal the oil from transformers and use it as cooking oil so who tf knows


File: 1633436535922.png (523.4 KB, 622x1008, 311:504, tranny oil.png)


can someone post the hope solo sports webm


File: 1633437495648.mp4 (5.3 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, house of the dragon.mp4)

we wuz targARYANs n shiiet


>muh gaym of chodes 2: electric boogaloo
how gay and predictable of them
i knew it was too good to be true that they finished the first series
what a boring fucking show holy shit


they pissed off pretty much all their fans with the last season too idk what theyre expecting with this


File: 1633468238012.webm (7.52 MB, 1612x732, 403:183, sports.webm)

this is either it or it isnt
i didnt check
idk what else id name sports.webm tho




>idk what theyre expecting with this
mindless consoomerism from an entertainment starved population
prolly get it too


yea that was it, thx budy


why are there chinks and niggers in a european based fantasy?


File: 1633474986678-0.png (422.3 KB, 599x519, 599:519, Firefox_Screenshot_2021-10….png)

File: 1633474986678-1.png (426.43 KB, 1419x677, 1419:677, Firefox_Screenshot_2021-10….png)


File: 1633479225502.png (79.14 KB, 380x480, 19:24, a.png)

>reading random wikipedia article about coffee machines
>impromptu reference to muh russian bots
i think i'm going to start collecting screenshots, i see random out-of-place references to drumpf on wikipedia all the time


based changs
what are the 'moral choices' though? would you save your mother or your gf if you could only save one?


File: 1633483229153-0.jpg (128.79 KB, 1138x450, 569:225, Cranston.jpg)

File: 1633483229153-1.mp4 (4.65 MB, 510x886, 255:443, donlemon.mp4)

the chimp also attacked him
chubby did nothing wrong


>implying they're not the same


>I am directing the Federal Bureau of Investigation, working with each United States Attorney, to convene meetings with federal, state, local, Tribal, and territorial leaders in each federal judicial district within 30 days of the issuance of this memorandum. These meetings will facilitate the discussion of strategies for addressing threats against school administrators, board members, teachers, and staff, and will open dedicated lines of communication for threat reporting, assessment, and response.
>t. attorney general Merrick Garland
parents resisting victim race theory are now "domestic terrorists" too


too phreaky


ooga booga wer da wite wimmin at?


>moral choices
Probably like being able to play as a villain or something like that


stasi also raided an nyc police sergeants union over mean tweets


didn't you know being gay was a moral choice?


Here's a detailed list of stuff changs are banning


tbh anyone who still sends their kids to public school is a moron
even not sending them to school at all and just teaching them basic reading writing and math skills yourself would benefit them more than anything they'd ever be "taught" in public school


i gotta full riide scholarship to sissy bimbo slut gooniversity my family is really happy xoxo


File: 1633516788135.mp4 (3.27 MB, 320x568, 40:71, A_person_confronts_a_Sonic….mp4)

this guy is so tired


File: 1633516804435.mp4 (621.29 KB, 720x406, 360:203, JUSTaFiLeajmgbtchdw.mp4)


i bet this guy cant wait until his brethren start beheading americans and i dont blame him at all


File: 1633519126728.mp4 (5.15 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, reporter ignores the pligh….mp4)

me to budy


JUST IN - Hackers reportedly leaked the "entirety of Twitch," including its source code and user payout information because "the community is a disgusting toxic cesspool" (VGC)


File: 1633522632019-0.png (83.71 KB, 1074x1146, 179:191, FBAGm8LVkAQ6rIc.png)

File: 1633522632019-1.png (85.86 KB, 1078x1148, 77:82, FBAGrwxVgAgb-BN.png)

File: 1633522632019-2.png (86.42 KB, 1082x1152, 541:576, FBAGwGGVIAMoPqG.png)

File: 1633522632019-3.png (82.91 KB, 1084x1156, 271:289, FBAG17vUUAUWYT8.png)


i didn't see DSP on those screenshits?


anyone got a torrent of the dump?


he doesn't seem to be that popular


of meny nos budy


from 4chink
Torrent (128GB): magnet:?xt=urn:btih:N5BLZ6XECNEHHARHJOVQAS4W7TWRXCSI&dn=twitch-leaks-part-one&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.stealth.si%3A80%2Fannounce
Repository listing: https://dpaste.org/MvoM


please buckeye…
dsp needs your money


File: 1633523937611.png (98.9 KB, 1025x471, 1025:471, dsp.png)


File: 1633524625793.jpg (82.58 KB, 605x809, 605:809, 1576865283304.jpg)

>donating to multi millionares
hate twitch
simple as


Also these are after Twitch took their share


so what is he averaging like 75¢/hr?


Isn't he on youtube now? I guess his information would be at least not complete here
The roach dodged something again


10k streamers by revenue
>Rank Username UserID GrossEarning
>2103 DarksydePhil 261767 97956.26


doesnt seem to work, i cant find any peers
also the dpaste link is ded


i dont recognize a single name on that list


Some on the list are pretty old, like Sodapoppin was a top streamer on XFire a decade ago but yeah most are very zoomerish



Shit, that's more than me



still broke, maybe its just me but i got dht setup with port forwarding and shit so idk


nvm torrent works now, just had to leave it for a bit i guess
also https://www.twitchearnings.com/ a searchable list of earnings


File: 1633528883193.mp4 (2.6 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ring-video-man-shoots-assa….mp4)


7991. Dots $29,440.98


that dude is a pussy


can you post the .torrent?
how much of the 128G is the source code?


still downloading
https://www.torrentfunk.com/torrent/40093163/twitch-leaks-part-one.html has a filelist with sizes and a .torrent link idk if it works tho


thx bud
>part one
so there might be more
>identity.zip 1.4GB
>infosec.zip 59.5MB
>admin-services.zip 37.3MB


Active shooterino in Timberview High School


glownegroes sure are busy huh


crunch time before taiwan


The shooter is suspected to be a nigger, who was obviously a white supremacist that got radicalized by sportschan




File: 1633536137079.mp4 (1.02 MB, 364x640, 91:160, R5cpYtOgxz3UzRIx.mp4)

This is supposedly what lead to the shooting. Supposedly, I don't think either is confirmed yet


Uhhh yeah thanks for the uhhh cool story grandpa….can I go play Fortnite now ?


The current suspect is named Timothy Simpkins, I guess he wasn't happy that how much streamers earned was leaked


what can be said for sure is that he already lost his edge as a public speaker


yeah okay 12 year old boomer


world heating up a bit again
- autistic gretinism: coal shortage in china
- autistic gretinism: czechia-poland spat due to a coal-burning energy plant in poland near the czech border
- autistic gretinism: price of energy consumables soaring in yurop
- warnings of transoceanic freight supply chains disruptions
- 3 carriers fleets (2 us, 1 uk) around the south china sea near philippines/taiwan, this on top of the usual warships now regularly crossing the strait
- bunch of mainland chinese aircraft drilling somewhere around that same area
- fuel shortage, trucker shortage in uk
- france-uk spat due to fishing permits in the channel
- military drills by azerbaijan and iran in their respective border
- nato offices in brussels expel russian staff
- shooterino


they need to bulk up, especially grey hoodie


File: 1633541141799.mp4 (6.49 MB, 438x328, 219:164, irlmaier.mp4)

please let it finally happen for god's sake


finna rob twitchthots tbh
lol who tf are all these people tho?


also wtf was the point of that leak? muh moralfaggotry?
if i did that and saw $10M id be thinking "extortion" not "expose"


Twitch partner surveys was part of the leak, this part looked interesting to me:
>Viewers subscribe to my channel and pay you 5$ and what i get after this? 1 fucking 30! 1.30$
I thought the deal was Twitch takes 50% for lower streamers and higher streamers can make better deals, turns out they actually fuck the lower streamers even more


did you not play vicky 2 or something?
you get wayyyy more shekels by taxing the poor cuz theres more of em and they cant do shit about it outside dumb halfhearted, disorganized peasant revolts that dont matter

course "poor" is a relative word here
their method of gaining income shouldnt even exist, and prolly wouldnt if zoomers had any irl friends or could into actually playing vidya


holy shit lel i thought it was $2.50
subs are the most retarded shit ever
the way it used to work is streamers would leave paypal links in their stream and people would just send them $5
what a bunch of absolute suckers, both streamers and paypigs


File: 1633551697315.png (194.47 KB, 1316x317, 1316:317, ClipboardImage.png)



ya just know


>they need to bulk up, especially grey hoodie
No I want niggers to stay weak


yeah but did you see the really important stuff
a "product manager" from faceberg testifying to congress
3 hours of hearsay of things everyone already knows and this dumb bitch testifying what she thinks the law should be
middle managers should be exterminated tbh


carrier fleets are a joke
­>we should have dozens of submarines over there to take out any invasion, either that or just stay out of it
might get to see a supercarrier get sunk i was hoping to see a regicide but you can't choose your interesting times


if they subscribe on their phone apple probably took 30% of the $5 already
it might be half of what's left of $3.50 after some transaction fees


who cares about efags wtf shut up losers





>supercarrier get sunk



NoT That other guy, but he's right. TherE iS 0 defense against hypersonic missile and modern submarines. Once the carrier is down I'm pretty sure the entire strike group is basically stranded too



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OR replace($1,'_','') LIKE '%support%isis%'
OR replace($1,'_','') LIKE '%isis%support%'
OR replace($1,'_','') LIKE '%join%isis%'
OR replace($1,'_','') LIKE '%isismember%'

SELECT replace($1,'_','') SIMILAR TO '%ped(o|0)(f|ph)(i|1)le%'
OR replace($1,'_','') SIMILAR TO '%isa%ped(o|0)%'
OR replace($1,'_','') SIMILAR TO '%(child|kid|minor|miner)%m(o|0)lest%'
OR replace($1,'_','') SIMILAR TO '%m(o|0)lest%(child|kid|minor|miner)%'
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OR replace($1,'_','') SIMILAR TO '%r(a|4|8)+y*p(e|3)%(child|kid|minor|miner)%'
OR replace($1,'_','') LIKE '%kinderficker%'


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username checking system used by twitch


george floyd did 9/11


I don't really care about the words they censor, it's pretty obvious Twitch is cucked as hell but is their code actually efficient? I'm not a coder so I can't say but that's what I'm wondering


is this from /r/badcode?


i dont care about twitch at all, but how do >we extort all that dumb munny in the name of sports and allah?


i'm no ess kyuu ell expert, but it doesn't look efficient to me.


those are all pretty basic SQL user-defined functions that just return true or false. i don't see any sql injection possibility unless I'm missing something about REPLACE($,,) or they are using out of date db engine. i'm not sure why they implemented these functions as SQL vs application code functions/methods; i'd have to see the context but nowaday there's probably little performance difference with modern db engine and this doesn't appear to be critical pathway code so it's not super interesting apart from the names trings.
back when i did this shit we kept "business logic" out of the database layer as much as possible for a variety of reasons, but for this i don't see any issue then again i am out of practice and getting dumber by the day so…


File: 1633647816875.jpg (225.35 KB, 1280x1141, 1280:1141, IMG_20211007_190021_370.jpg)

everything is legal for niggers


File: 1633648407302.mp4 (3.3 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 4_5978603907780184918.mp4)


Wow I cant believe White Supremacists did this !


if i dressed up in blackface and walked up to the sto' (clearly as a lightskin-ass nigguh), would i be able to get off scot-free?


yes but only if you post a vid of it right here


File: 1633650842028.jpg (22.45 KB, 600x314, 300:157, IMG_20211007_195246_430.jpg)

Navy Facebook account HACKED to stream… Age of Empires?

An anonymous hacker has cracked FB the page of the USS Kidd, and for the past two days, done nothing but stream Age of Empires — the first stream went for FOUR hours.

The page since streamed Age of Empires five more times, each time for at least an hour under titles such as, “Hahahahaha, hi guys, play game and fffffffffffff.”

Navy spox Cmdr. Nicole Schwegman told Task & Purpose, “We are currently working with Facebook technical support to resolve the issue.”

Sounds impressive — but whoever streamed the hack couldn’t even get past the Stone Age.


File: 1633651281552.jpeg (149.52 KB, 960x805, 192:161, 572ac90bac052.jpeg)

would have been more hilarious if they streamed world of warships and claimed it was real wartime footage


even moreso if they just steered the us ships into each other after meandering around a bit


why they always be havin dodge chargas




File: 1633659768436.jpg (1.05 MB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, Untitled-1.jpg)


based af




behind every "qt math gril" is 10 betas telling her every answer


its just ridiculous. historically or politically. just consider that while battle groups are being sent to dickwaive in front of them, the white house officially recognizes "1 china". but its also technically ridiculous: going to war against a nuclear power for an island on the other side of the planet, but right there in front of their sea and air ports, within range of land-based missiles? doesnt matter if carrier or subs, its madness.
actually, they cant be that mad, instead what they're probably seeking is to provoke beijing into jumping the gun: the goal is not to wage and win a hot war, but to disrupt their plans for future non-military reunification, bait them into using overwhelming force, then recruit as much of the world as possible into waging economic war, enforcing iran-tier (or worse) sanctions, divestment from everything and anything chinese, isolating them economically and thus crippling their development for decades to come.
problem is, "shit happens" and suddenly nukes are flying


media seems on board so i guess libtards will be doing the "big tech" regulation that blompf was supposed to do
ofc they will make sure the bill includes provisions to ban all that "hatful speech", protect all those "sexually diverse" discord channels, ensure abundant supply of pronouns in all soshal midia, and deplatform all those pesky "domestic terrorists"
to protect the children


should just sell taiwan a fuck ton of hypersonic missiles to shoot from their hideyholes
would btfo any invasion fleet


us dont have no sonic missiles


File: 1633678838123.png (2.92 KB, 151x118, 151:118, Firefox_Screenshot_2021-10….png)

this was on Horst Wessel's article


the winner was just gunna be some nigger anyway


tpaste hats this


fukken wew. this would've been true if jan 6th wasn't a bunch of glowniggers.


>we wuz bullie fo bein rich an shieeet ;_;
it was elliot rodgers tire on teh negro

>AND he gets bailed out

wew nvm
elliots parents were in the poorhouse compared to this kid
hope they like paying for lawyers
lol bet they wish he did like any normal spede shooters and kysd


no more weekend updates


light skinned lions be like


never had a wadejob before


>it was elliot rodgers tire on teh negro
while it is elliot rodgers tire, don't ever underestimate the nigger's ability to hate those more successful than it. smart niggers, rich niggers, hard-working niggers, all are bullied back down to the other crab-bucket nigruhs


>b darkie
>work hard save money
>move to a decent suburb
>kids go to good school and work hard
>state buses a bunch of niggers to your school


it's kinda like a suckdavis


its more about the over all degenerate culture that is American Niggerism.


File: 1633705581711.jpg (9.88 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


File: 1633719838860.jpg (129.2 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, IMG_20211008_140450_698.jpg)


does anyone have an image of the children's book with the gay blowjob and the sanfran pamphlet for children illustrating blowjobs?
thanks in advance


I heard the working conditions aren't so grrrr-eat


oh boy, free spaghetti. fuck kelloggs boiiiii


File: 1633723239035.png (866.14 KB, 806x754, 31:29, ClipboardImage.png)


didnt he do tranny joges in like every special since he came back?
why was this the straw?

also, why do they keep thinking they have any chance of cancelling one of the most popular or at least one of the most well known comedians of that era?
ever since the guy came back hes been purposefully poking fun at the privilege tards cuz he knows hes black and they cant do anything other than give him free publicity
if it werent for the fact that theyre actually just that predictable, id suspect that he was paying em

tbh id have had no idea the dude was even back were it not for the troon brigade pounding sand and REEEEing everytime he has a new special up






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