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its a waffle house kinda day
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its here again its queer again its da Loose All Yuor Money Thread


remember when i told yeems to buy silver


File: 1652405279669.jpg (49.99 KB, 740x370, 2:1, Butterball-Cenobite.jpg)


shoulda paid attention


i do pay attention i just immediately put your suggestions in the bin…
with the stinky stuff


File: 1652409238951.jpg (520.4 KB, 540x5354, 270:2677, 1652408745249.jpg)

>the stinky stuff
you're not done yet
do another rinse


File: 1652410632989.png (405.68 KB, 515x357, 515:357, gotgaem.PNG)

what the everloving fuck


File: 1652411580586.png (259.55 KB, 548x448, 137:112, ClipboardImage.png)

jason alexander deserves better than this.


File: 1652412275136.png (469.2 KB, 799x615, 799:615, 1652310657662.png)


lel wtf is this from


you sound like you failed your prostate exam


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>not using a toilet for this

And these people wonder why they have all kinds of diseases.


File: 1652412764765.gif (309.31 KB, 220x252, 55:63, dabb.gif)

jokes on you i can't afford health insurance


so thats how buttsex works


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you guys should buy GameStop, I'm only saying this once






>bought 500 at 0.00001
>sold for like 100,000 at 0.0003


File: 1652453233672.jpg (63.3 KB, 598x579, 598:579, IMG_20220513_104648_895.jpg)



>only telling me once

First of all, you TMWTD, which is baaaaaaaaaad

second, Im gonna keep buying Luna and there's literally nothing you can do to stop me


>letting an arab""""""bro"""""" meme your country


errybudy defaults, nbd


File: 1652455641709.png (150.13 KB, 788x757, 788:757, ClipboardImage.png)


^^below the picrel about taekwondo's waifu is an summary of the terra/luna project and it's current downfall for those like me who haven't been paying attention


File: 1652455686780-0.png (39.5 KB, 950x240, 95:24, ClipboardImage.png)

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How many shekels sparts have invested in their shitcoins?
Me: _____$0_____



few g's, but it's house money at this point


said no one ever


i said it


youd unironically be safer with argentinian bonds
at least its backed by REAL™ fake money and not shitcoin


i just invested $100 into shitcoins today lole.


File: 1652491038269.png (17.56 KB, 755x282, 755:282, cuntbase.png)

so just letting them do their thang without contacting them…be done in 24 hours or less
i'm fine with that…i'll be sure not to CONTACT THEIR CUSTOMER SUPPORT since apparently that makes them do the exact same thing they were gonna do but do it ten thousand percent slower


File: 1652575751978.jpg (75.72 KB, 1242x941, 1242:941, IMG_20220514_204849_482.jpg)


why is it expected to hit -80% of ATH?


Historical precedence supposedly


just call them racists on reddit and they'll fix it immediately


am thinking about investing in russki funny money instead of crypto until the markets calm down




File: 1652752253240.jpg (74.67 KB, 692x729, 692:729, luci_bcr.JPG)


>holds up racoon


don't look at her she's rally shy
these cocksuckers won't let me withdraw my coin and their support pajeets FUCKIN SUCK I'M GETTING ONGRY


so I made a lot of money on oil and fertilizer stocks, lost money on precious metal mining stocks
thinking next I will invest in banking stocks to go up for once the fed raises interest rates


File: 1654963350840.png (101.25 KB, 1080x743, 1080:743, Screenshot_20220611-110155….png)

I'm gonna ask for her onlyfans


i just follow cramers mad money stock pics


i lik cramr


>jason alexander deserves better than this.

I know. Poor guy


Is there like any way to get good money from crypto nowadays?

What coin?


It's funny
People have argued about whether Coins were currency or an asset or whatever but I think this proves that what they are are futures contracts
this is almost verbatim a cocoa futures run from the 60s


File: 1655008431882.jpeg (1.16 MB, 2300x3300, 23:33, c89ee129791c900e2a3515513….jpeg)

It's funny
People have argued about whether Coins were currency or an asset or whatever but I think this proves that what they are are futures contracts
this is almost verbatim a cocoa futures run from the 60s


File: 1655097889166.png (442.24 KB, 975x1280, 195:256, ClipboardImage.png)



eth is like -18% in a 24 hour period, any idea why?
my first time being in the red with memecoin
think i'll buy some more if BTC hits 13k


who cares lmao what kinda stupid question is that it doesnt fuckin matter dude buy yuor shit or dont just ok hol on dont sell right now or lol do if you anna kys lel but better tot just not


im not gonna sell lmao
not when im down
would take a few days anyway, im not in an exchange. thank god too, because a lot of excahnges are halting withdrawls as this shit plummets lmao


File: 1655131528336.jpg (58.61 KB, 828x571, 828:571, 1655130872697.jpg)

lmao ok idiot


i just wanna know which one the buckeyes will use to enslave us all


pls save us drumpf
im so sorry


File: 1655136075661.jpg (376.24 KB, 1170x1379, 1170:1379, FVC65euWYAMaShX.jpg)

coinbase sayin straight up you'll lose it all if they go under
gotta my stuffs off there, keep forgetting. doing heightened KYC req't in sept anyway


>waiting this long
dude wtf are you nuts
the last warning should have been when there was all the grumbling about coinbase like a month ago
this shit is falling now, its too late, good luck not losing it all


dumb yim
grand malignment of the planets foretold of this
literally the other way around


Is this the time to buy?


bro the markets haven' even tripped their autostop bullshit
once that happens, the bottom will at least be in sight
buy sometime around then


what was the breaker again?
-7% before 3?
iirc theres a few more earlier ones but they only halt it for like 30mins

either way if it does -7% on the day after falling for months like it has been id be fucking shocked


ok fine sell when its down have fun


how about I dunno… don't be a retard and let yourself be manipulated?


i think theres 2 or 3 breakers, -7% trips for 15 min, idk the other ones


ya you know what little bitch i will have fun, how about that
and you'll be a penniless bitch, like always


people are in extreme fear territory
all it takes is the start of a run.. i mean shit it di 50% to trip today
just needs some impetus to start a stampede


please sell




lmao bitcoin is crashing so hard












"lel" - me c. right now


pls buy sirs
of makr meny munys


>historical performance of silver
have fun with that
i'll just buy the dip of almost literally anything else


File: 1655169780710.png (37.48 KB, 855x419, 855:419, ClipboardImage.png)


i only partially buy silver as an investment but mostly its because i lik the shiny also im gonna buy a bunch of silver shot and start casting and stamping my own designs soon
its ez to save money for this kind of lizard brain shiny collecting when your other hobbies are free


only have SBSW and META as my top picks
would do more oil, but it feels too late now


File: 1655181194505.png (841.69 KB, 1080x1625, 216:325, ClipboardImage.png)


fake zerohedge bullshit



File: 1655194712923.png (607.27 KB, 1080x1781, 1080:1781, ClipboardImage.png)


does this mean my imported gook cartoons are going to be cheaper?


>BoJ does central bank thangs
>this effects the yen
thx zeroheedge


no cuz theyll prolly jack the fuck out of their already insane tariffs as they should FUCK weebs


watch out below


honestly stopped paying attention to crypto and forgot my laptop p/w
what off ramp do you rec? binance?


how do u get programming socks for free?


phishing random boomer ladies amazog accounts


File: 1655240003037.mp4 (251.99 KB, 720x406, 360:203, bidup yellan.mp4)


every time this guy tries to emote he just comes off as unhinged


google's ai isn't perfect yet


I can't wait in 70 years to see all the even crazier shit he said behind the scenes


buy the dip of muh dick


isn't it odd that there were unnamed staffers coming out every week saying trump said this and trump did that

yet with biden, nothing. and you know there's gotta be some shit. like hey ya'll remember abba zaba? huh, they still make em? ah man lemme back in the, in scranton anyway, the UK and Russ..yea uhh


>unnamed staffers
>what is jewish journalists blatantly making shit up


File: 1655269090023.png (14.96 KB, 1026x112, 513:56, ClipboardImage.png)

lel its worse than afghanistan
how do you fuck this up so bad


explain like im dudder


ok lets put it like this
>poll numbers
a pristine uncrashed BMW
inevitable outcome??


File: 1655390042901.png (64.03 KB, 1500x500, 3:1, crypto-sweep-floor-mcdonal….png)


didnt this guy make a comic about crypto and nfts taking off like a few months ago what a flip flopper lol bet he made some mone off flurks before they were b& everywhere tho


tired of robinhood
what's a better broker


File: 1655569207434.jpg (336.48 KB, 1080x1630, 108:163, Screenshot_20220618-111844….jpg)

drumpf could never


bitcoin belowe 20k
another 7k and might be time to buy


wtf just use etrade bro


all right thanks I set it up
now tell me what to buy


Sounds like a really good idea !
I mean China only produces like 25-30% of all American goods, nothing bad could happen there !


cheap stuff is guuuud


whyd drumpf leave TPP if he doesn't wanna trade with china
u can't just collapse a 30% trade relationship you have to replace it with other third world countries


Ukraine penny stocks


that penny finna fall to 0 when ukraine becomes a russian oblast tho..


yeah but it will transition into a qt ruble


heem delisted tho
can't just go around buying russian stocks


can't you just invest in a Russian company that's actually international? Like everaz?


File: 1655581623062.jpg (65.92 KB, 1080x933, 360:311, IMG_20220618_154650_070.jpg)


Fuck I wanna buy so badly


when if? btc hits 13k im buying some more eth


wait why not buy btc?


im gonna tryn dump a bunch into arrr tbph


thingken about buying some intcel stocks since theyre nosediving in price and its fuckin intel so they will most likely recover is this a bad idea?


because imma do it anyway im more wondering what the bottom price tag might be


As your financial adviser you should do exactly what I say all the time without question


>>1477721 (me)


i wouldn't mind if intel fucking died
horrible business practices
i think ETH has a better possibility of widespread use


this smells suspiciously like someone is tmwtd and i dont like it
intel will probably only die when an even more jewish/chinese alternative pops up a company that so willingly follows the orders of spy agencies wont just disappear without a damn good reason


trump banr tiktok
META stock to the moon sirs


File: 1656264391690.jpg (214.71 KB, 1280x1180, 64:59, IMG_20220626_132556_067.jpg)


oh no who the FUCK let Basel in here


>the monetary platform intended to circumvent dystopian govt practices is going to be used as the reason to implement dystopian govt practices
ok dunno why this wasn't foreseen

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