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its a tampa kinda day
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make the natsu thread


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not og sumobro but tried fri & sat from diff ips, pedocel crossfire hurricane'd me from new threads


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Streaming juryo and makuuchi recaps every day at 16:00 UTC at:


what time is that in /sp/centraldaylight


Should be like noon in Florida.


17 mins from right now


did it just finish? is it only one hour a day?


We watch the recaps of juryo and makuuchi bouts. About 15-18 mins + 30-35 mins.
We could snatch makushita too, but would be too long.


Basically the live events happen during the night in the US, and morning in Europe. Luckily there's this dude NattoSumo who makes these videos, and uploads it all around. Previously he had a youtube channel (he had many youtube channels, and rumble and odysee and whatnot), but were bumfucked by NHK intellectual property cuckery.
So now I dl his stuff form a shared link, reencode it to make it smaller then upload it to server then stream it from there.
Usually we're just two watching. Sumo isn't popular. Especially not among weeaboos who should be interested in Japanese culture but they apparently only like animay trannies.


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did the big man push other big man outta the ring? did other big man get any slaps in? find out next time on obese ring z


hanging 300 big kahuna


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make the pantsu thread


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you fucking what


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Why I get error on posting?



some first rate tsupparis there


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Watching day 6 soon.


im setting a alarm for tomorrow


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here's yor chance spratsmans


Actually might watch it 1-2 hours later. Depends.


did i miss it?


i sure as shit did
alarm ded cuz low battery what a sham


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Just look at this disgrace.
Teru, Takakeisho, Kirishima, and Wakamotoharu is out, citing injury, Asanoyama did not even enter. That's half the sanyaku ranks right there.
Hoshoryu is lagging behind with 3 losses! He got beaten by Oho!
My prediction: either Onosato, Kotozakura, or Daieisho will get the yusho.


File: 1716230093439.jpg (344.95 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, datashieeet.jpg)

Thank you for watching the stream today, Spartmans!
Here's a quick rundown on the stats and whatnot added to the stream (by NattoSumo).

In the middle top: the country of origin of the rikishis (sumo wrestlers, osumosans), in this pic the Mongol Hoshoryu faces the Japanese Takayasu.

In the middle bottom:
How many times they faced each other before, and the result, Takayas' beat Hoshoryu 7 times.
>orange and white half dots
The results of the past 6 occasions when they fought.
>age, kb/lb, cm/ft
These are straightforward.
The highest rank in the banzuke (toplist essentially) they reached ever. "O" in this case means ozeki = champion.
How many tournaments they participated in. In this case "all"/"in Makuuchi/top division" (M = Makuuchi).
The stable they are members of.

Lower corners:
Name and points gained in current basho/tournament. Wins-Losses. 8+ wins promotion, 8+ losses demotion. So 8-7 is the minimum they are aiming for. The blue color means their fate is still undecided.
Below the name is the current rank. Ozeki East for Hoshoryu, Maegeshira 3 East for Takayasu. The color of that little flag matters: blue for remained the same rank since last basho, green means he was promoted, red means demotion.
Below the rank, is the past 6 rank. Color means the same as above. So Hoshoryu was sekiwake 6 and 5 basho ago, then he was promoted to ozeki, and he is one since then.
Below that is the points gained in those tournaments, with the months below that. So Hoshoryu managed to get 10-5 in 2023 November. Takayasu has a more bumpy record: that 2-4-9 in January was due to an injury (he had to sit out 9 matches, automatic losses), and you can see he was demoted from komusubi to maegeshira 8th place.

Upper corners:
Previous matches during this basho/tournament. Names of opponents with their ranks, and the result color coded. Red = loss, Green = win.

Ask your answers.


From Thursday to Saturday - and maybe on Sunday too - the stream might start later. Liek 2pm on the US East Coast.
Today in 15 mins, but perhaps have to wait again. We'll see.


File: 1716648413933-0.png (1.07 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, day13-juryo.png)

File: 1716648413933-1.png (1.17 MB, 1281x719, 1281:719, day13-makuuchi.png)

Come on spartsmans! Penultimate day today. This weekend the fate of the last 2 points are decided for each rikishi. Who will be elevated, who relegated, and ofc, who will win the yusho, the championship. Of each division.
Yesterday's standing on picrels.
In juryo, the former sekiwake Wakatakakage - recovering from injury - and the greenhorn Onokatsu - fresh from university sumo - are head to head on the top of the list. One point below Endo, who's gonna have a chance to catch up to them by Sunday, if he manages to pull a win today.
The list of possible yusho winners in makuuchi is a bit more crowded, technically the 7 topmost rikishis have a chance. But only the top 5 has a real chance. Ofc, the 9-4s have to catch up to the 10-3s, but with a little luck both only manages to bag only one point during the weekend. Ofc, all 9-4s who fail today misses his chance.
Today is still the day of possibilities! Well not really these matches were all decided some hours ago already.


File: 1716986720951.jpeg (186.31 KB, 445x940, 89:188, Endo_2014.jpeg)

Over 4 years ago I was in Nipland and went to see a sumo tournament in Tokyo, it was pretty fun. Thr old guys in the crowd were the most passionate and would yell the names of their favourites really loud and in a rhythmic manner. At the time Endo was making waves and getting popular. All the middle aged nip women got really wet and excited when Endo showed up for his bout. The old men didn't seem to care though lol.


if you come back, thanks for posts sumobro
just getting to watching


Why is he wearing a skirt?


And always some child crying when the crowd gets silent at the tachi-ai.
Endo did really well this basho. Although in juryo.

Sure dude. Next tournament in July.

It's his waifu pillow.
Their sponsors give them those. Basically payed ads.


I'm going to chinkland today then will be headed to nipland next Saturday
will I be able to watch sumo in person
june 8 through 14 tell me where to go

t. ravelbro


>make the natsu thread
didn't you mean natsoc?


no. find CR whorb


This sumo tournament happens every odd month. So not in June.
There is amateur and university sumo, I don't know if they are public, and the pro-wrestlers hold various public trainings and whatnot.
You could check arenas in Tokyo, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Osaka.
Also: https://sugoii-japan.com/sumo-tokyo-guide


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sportschan doin the thing in shanghai
heres a sports




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