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This is the first and only good thing I've ever seen for VR


I've seen a few interesting VR projects, but to me it still seems like a novelty not worth the expensive price tag


i got a sony psvr thing for the ps4 as a gift, and the only thing I enjoyed with it was some star wars x-wing dogfighting demo
i feel like flight sim games in general would be pretty good, but everything else i tried was garbage


yeah buying vr is still for retards
simulations are not games.


every time people write psvr I think they're talking about passover and it's some secret jew shit I'm missing out on


>he doesn't know
lol dumb goyim will never learn


half life alex is the only well polished VR gayme ive seen so far
like a lot of stuff looks like it would be fun for a bit of a gimmick
the best stuff so far appears to be for habbo hotel style shit. i bet you could do some pretty autistic economics/role playing stuff, maybe in a fantasy setting or something. but combat is still so clunky for the majority of stuff
but.. i could see clever studios cracking the formula. HL:A pulled it off about as well as i think is possible at this point


File: 1618280516850.jpg (87.15 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 482347-steel_014.jpg)

I think they just need to play to the strengths of VR. Imagine a game like Steel Battalion where you are in a cockpit and you have hundreds of buttons and controls all in VR. And you have to keep all these systems functioning while also completing objectives. That would kick ass


if they could get tracking down perfectly, than i guess that could work

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